About Zeon Zoysia

Zeon is a fine textured zoysiagrass primarily used for areas such as home lawns, sports fields and golf courses. Zeon can handle full sun and is extremely shade tolerant. It is also being used on high-end commercial sites.

Characteristics: Zeon is compatible with a wide range of soil conditions. It can handle full sun or light to medium shade. It has good drought tolerance and very few insect or disease problems. Zeon would be the replacement grass for the old standard, Emerald zoysia. Compared to Emerald, Zeon has a faster rate of spread. Expect coverage from plugs on one foot centers in about twenty to twenty-four weeks which is considerably faster than Emerald’s normal growth rate. Zeon does not produce the heavy layer of thatch associated with Emerald, which makes Zeon easier to care for. Zeon has a deep green color and produces a very lush turf. If you are looking for a fine textured, dense turf with exceptional “eye appeal,” Zeon is the grass for you.

Installation and Maintenance: Zeon cannot be grown from seed. Therefore, it must be planted as plugs, sprigs, or sod. Sprig planting is recommended only for experienced landscapers. Plugs are our preferred planting method for those of you who can not solid sod your site. Solid sodding is, by far, the best way to go. Water the grass as you plant it. Do not wait until the entire site is planted to water. The site should be watered heavily for at least two weeks to promote establishment. After the establishment period is over, keep a regular schedule of watering and mowing, and we think that you will be extremely pleased with the quality of your turf. Recommended mowing height, with a rotary mower, is 1-2 inches. Recommended annual fertilization rate is one to two pounds nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. Use split applications with one pound nitrogen in the spring to encourage new growth and one pound of nitrogen in mid-to-late summer to promote healthy growth into the fall and winter.

Zeon Zoysiagrass will provide any landscape with, “The Wow Factor.” Zeon has literally become the envy of sod producers and turf breeders alike. Not only will Zeon produce one of the finest and most resilient turf surfaces available, Zeon is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all of the warm-season turfgrass cultivars.

Zeon was developed for the purpose of providing both the turf industry and landscape professionals with a superior and extremely user-friendly turfgrass. The vigorous root, stolon and rhizome production of Zeon creates an extremely compact and shade tolerant lawn that will naturally inhibit weed production.

Determined to be the first choice for zoysiagrass fairways, Zeon has also established itself as the preferred premium home-lawn selection. This is due to its extremely low maintenance and fertility requirements. Zeon truly is, “The Wow Factor.”

Zeon Characteristics

  • Exceptional shade & drought tolerance
  • Fine bladed with vertical leaf posture
  • Deep green in color with exceptional “Eye Appeal”
  • Excellent late season color retention & early spring green-up
  • Short stolon & internode length

Improved Plant Vigor

  • Zeon’s extensive root system, high stolon frequency, and vigorous rhizome growth, produces a thick compact turf that recovers quickly from injury
  • Zeon’s turf quality tested much higher, compared to other zoysia cultivars in the National Zoysiagrass tests
  • In controlled testing by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP), Zeon produced less thatch than all other zoysia cultivars except ‘JaMur’ another of The Turfgrass Group, Inc. varieties
  • Zeon will consistently establish in a wide variety of soil types
  • Zeon exhibited superior genetic characteristics in replicated turf stress trials in Illinois, Georgia, & Texas

Cultural Practices

  • When maintained at 1-2” Zeon has the feel of a Bermuda type. This is definitely “Barefoot Grass”
  • In golf course fairway applications, Zeon can be maintained at as low as 3/8” mowing height
  • Zeon can be easily maintained using a standard rotary type lawnmower
  • All herbicides and fertilizers necessary for the maintenance of Zeon can be purchased at your local nursery or hardware store
  • All herbicides used on other zoysia cultivars can be safely applied to Zeon Zoysia

Certified Purity & Uniformity

  • Zeon is licensed in the southeast exclusively to The Turfgrass Group, Inc. and its sub-licensees
  • Zeon is available only through a select group of licensed certified producers
  • Zeon is grown & sold under a rigorous set of rules & guidelines designed to promote on-going quality, purity, and uniformity

State Certification

  • Certification is the only method of assuring the consumer is receiving the variety they purchased
  • Zeon can only be produced and sold as a Certified turfgrass variety, unlike many other varieties
  • Certification agencies in each state inspect all Zeon production fields regularly, protecting the interests of the consumer by providing a third party system of quality control