Excellent Shade Tolerance
cold hardy, low maintenance, emerald green in color

Palmetto St. Augustine
Palmetto St. Augustine

About Palmetto St. Augustine

Palmetto St. Augustine Is A Low Maintenance Turf Grass With A Beautiful Dark Green Color. Excellent Shade And Drought Tolerance, Cold Hardiness, Disease Resistance, And Soft To The Touch Feel Make Palmetto The Ideal Turf Grass For Home And Commercial Applications Throughout The Southern US.

  • Emerald Green Color and Finer Texture
  • Superior Shade Tolerance
  • Excellent Resistance to Cold and Frost
  • Exhibits Heat and Drought Tolerance
  • Low Maintenance

Uses: Home Lawns – Commercial Landscapes – Parks & Rec

Discovered in southern Florida, Palmetto is a native St. Augustine cultivar selected for better color and finer texture. Palmetto’s dark green color, exceptional cold hardiness and excellent shade tolerance make it an ideal choice for the home lawn, park or commercial application.  This natural turf grass selection is native to the southern United States and thrives across the country in places like the Carolinas, California, Florida and Texas… all under a wide range of soil and climactic conditions.  To see a color coded map of where Palmetto St. Augustine will grow, visit our Where It Will Grow section.

Aside from Palmetto’s great asethetic attributes, Palmetto has set itself apart as technically superior to common St. Augustine varieties.  Plus, it is an environmentally friendly turf grass. Palmetto sod requires less water and maintenance than other St. Augustine turf varieties. This will not only make you feel great about being environmentally responsible, but will also lead to cost savings from reduced watering and other inputs such as fertlizer and pesticides.  For more information about the benefits of Palmetto St. Augustine be sure to check out our Characteristics chart. You can also see some of the academic trials that have been done with Palmetto St. Augustine on Palmetto’s Research section.

Homeowners and Landscape Professionals love the easy low input maintenance program that Palmetto requires.  We have put together a detailed Best Maintenance Practices program that is easy to follow and sure to keep your Palmetto lawn looking great.

The success of Palmetto St. Augustine turf grass is unparalleled over its two decade history.  Palmetto is now the largest volume patented turf grass in the world with over one billion square feet sold.  This incredible turf grass has even gained popularity across the globe in places like Brazil and Australia.

Want to hear what pros and homeowners are saying about Palmetto St. Augustine? Be sure to check out Palmetto’s Testimonials section. You can also see some beautiful shots of Palmetto St. Augustine in residential lawns, commercial properties, and during production on our Palmetto Photos section.


UsesHome, Commercial
ColorDark Green
Blade Width8 – 9 mm
FeelModerately Soft
Fall Color RetentionExcellent
Spring GreenupExcellent
SoilsSand, Sandy, Loam, Clay, Muck
GrowthRapid Horizontal Growth from Stolons
Injury RecoveryExcellent
InsectsSelective Resistance
DiseasesSelective Resistance
ColdExcellent (7b – 11)
ShadeVery Good
MowerStandard Rotary
Height1.5″ – 2.5″
Weed ControlGood

Where It Will Grow

Palmetto St. Augustine – Where Will It Grow

Palmetto St. Augustine is a hardy, low maintenance turfgrass that grows well in a wide variety of conditions, including a variety of soil types. Palmetto will thrive in sand, sandy loam, clay and muck. Palmetto will perform well in full sun and with as few as four hours of direct daily sun. While Palmetto is a durable, versatile, and hardy grass, you should carefully analyze your own local growing conditions prior to selecting and installing Palmetto or any other turfgrass.

Best Maintenance Practices

Read the Care Guide: Homeowners | Professionals

Palmetto in Front Lawn
Palmetto Rolls

To ensure optimum quality and performance of Palmetto, users must implement proper care and maintenance. This care and maintenance has been formalized above in the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Palmetto St. Augustine. These BMPs are written as a guide and should be modified as local climate, soil and environmental conditions dictate. It is important to note that no “magic fertilizer” or “super chemical” will solve all problems or make any turfgrass perfect.

Through consistent application of the BMPs and on-going evaluation, education and modification of these practices, however, users will greatly enhance the quality and performance of Palmetto St. Augustine. The described maintenance information also applies to many semi-dwarf St. Augustine grasses. It is recommended that users identify the specific variety of St. Augustine being utilized, and that information be gathered pertaining to BMPs for that cultivar.






Palmetto St Augustine is a vigorous, dark green grass that looks great. I’ve got some growing ad it’s doing well. My agents tell me that it’s showing good shade tolerance… Look like they’ve got a winner!

Tom MacCubbin, Horticulturist for Orange County,
Palmetto St. Augustine

Palmetto St. Augustine gives us the flexibility to use it in full sun, or in some shade shade. But, it is Palmetto’s good looks that make us able to use it anywhere.

Dan Hodson, Ocean Woods Landscaping,
Hilton Head, SC
Palmetto St. Augustine

Palmetto St. Augustine is demonstrating the positive traits we expect from a St. Augustine, but with a high tolerance for cold and drought. It takes several frosts to brown out, which means it’s staying green much longer than other St. Augustines.

Dr. Jimmy Golde, Clemson University,
Clemson, SC